Company Principles

Company Principles and Focus

Our legal office specializes in the core competencies of Company Purchase Agreements, Corporate Law and Contract Law with regard to national and international Commercial Law and in particular Mergers & Acquisitions. A good deal of experience gathered in the industry allows us to favour and provide commercially-focused practical solutions to be economically conversed. Well-designed contractual arrangements have proven to be effective since they help to avoid lawsuits

Corporate purchasing contracts

By very long experience in the field of corporate acquisition from various angles, we have specialized in particular on the legal aspects of corporate transactions. These complex designs require not only legal knowledge, but above all, the ability to unite naturally conflicting interests of the parties by way of negotiation and to lead them to a reasonable and practicable result.

We also discuss regularly with various experts at International Lawyer's meetings and at Associations on European level regarding the transfer of SMEs.

So we have put in this field in last time a major focus of our work.

Corporate Law

In companies, the interests of shareholders, company and the institutions of company (e.g. CEO) often conflict with each other.

The Articles of Association are the starting point and may rest perhaps many years in the drawer until they have to be considered in conflicts arising with respect to various laws and court rulings.

We work confidentially with prestigious law firms, in cases where conflicts of interest may arise in dispute between several institutions of a company; then one law firm is not allowed to simultaneously represent two corporate bodies in court or out of court.

In all these cases we may contribute our special industry and practical experience.

Contractual Arrangements

The word "agreement" is derived from the verb "agree" - so a well-designed content-adjusted contractual arrangement targets mutual consent, not confrontation, and by pro-actively dealing with issues to be settled, such an agreement helps to prevent possible future conflicts.

An enterprise contractual arrangement takes into account the relevant economic issues. Thus, legal rules are weighted according to their business relevance.

Therefore arranging of agreements means "acting" instead of "reacting"; the forward-looking entrepreneur uses this to pave the way in time and in his own interest. Agreements represent the rules of the game which are most likely never to be read through again, once they have been agreed upon, understood and followed. Mutual expectations are revealed, mutual obligations are defined and the misunderstandings which sometimes occur with only verbally made arrangements are cleared up. So the transaction becomes calculable.

M & A

Mergers & Acquisitions including company transactions may be arranged in various ways since the law they are based upon is voluminous. The initially envisaged solution is not always the right or feasible solution. We try to flexibly use freedom of legal arrangements and to find a solution acceptable for both contracting parties also in alleged stalemate situations in negotiations and to converse the result accordingly.

Customer Focus

The fulcrum of our legal consultancy is the continued pursuit of your genuine interests with the best deployment and commitment. The practice-oriented and industrial background sets us apart from other law firms. We employ our specialization to your advantage, so that we never lose sight of your collective interests. If further key competencies are required for a comprehensive consultancy, we are able to rely on a network of co-operation partners.

To provide you with the best possible service is our incentive and goal.