Today, well-founded legal consultancy requires specialization more than ever. Our legal office specializes in the core competencies of Corporate Law and Contract Law with regard to national and international Commercial Law and in particular Mergers & Acquisitions. In 2019, thus, the attorney training course to become a specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law was successfully completed.

Our target group are medium-sized business enterprises which request legal consultancy both on corporate acquisitions and sales as well as for their corporate and contractual relationships to be arranged. Here, we also work across borders and draft contracts in English language. Relying on our own management experience we will always keep the business aspect in mind.

It is our task to achieve your goals, which you as our client are aiming at, in the best possible way. Instead of extensive statements and documents we understand aptness and conciseness as our approach. We are ambitious to focus on bottle-necks and to provide a clever solution for your key problems which we identify. Thus, the law is intended to serve the business objectives. If further key competencies are required for an even more comprehensive consultancy, we are able to rely on a network of qualified co-operation partners.

We think that in the medium and long term a truly good deal is only a deal both parties involved benefit from. As the ideal case we therefore aim at the sustained securing of your position with the creating of a win-win situation for all parties participating in the agreement.