Contract Law

Examination of Contracts / Preparation of Contracts / Contract Negotiations

Our legal office specializes in competent and comprehensive consultancy in the field of Contract Law. We focus on the design of contracts dealing with issues related to national and international Commercial and Corporate Law.

Our consultancy comprises both the examination of existing and the design of new contracts and, upon request, may be extended to consultancy in contract negotiations with the contracting parties or to moderation of contract negotiations. In the area of negotiations - especially in English language - we see our strength in comparison to other lawyers.

In contract negotiations not only aspects of legal feasibility but also deliberations regarding economic viability and possible enforcement are to be considered. In practice the only contract which counts is a contract which finally is signed by all contracting partners.

Businesses which actively participate in commerce must conclude reliable agreements with most different business partners every day. Typical questions on legal matters and contract design often arise with:

Company Sales Agreements

Corporate Agreements

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Sales Agreements

Distribution Agreements

License Agreements

Issues related to Commercial and Corporate Law


Company Specific Agreements

Support in negotiations